July 2023 charity event

There are winter now in Bangladesh. We distribute thick blanket to keep them warm.

BJ | Charity cares about children. Support them with education material like school bags and stationary.

Distributing sanitary or feminine product to woman in Bangladesh.

Work with Bangladesh famous youtuber, Bitik Baaz. Spreading love to people during Durga Puja by giving some cash and daily needs to them.

BJ | Charity cares about women. We helped those women and kids in Bangladesh with their needs like napkin, protein, supplements and pumpush.

Baji Charity Video

Corporate with HEART Bangladesh, helping those girls by providing them sanitary napkin / antiseptic cream / soap. Take good care on personal hygiene.

Corporate with a small charity organization in Bangladesh. Provide food and lunch box for those needy people expecially children.

Cute little girl from APON Foundation. Say NO to hunger. Providing nutritious food to children for their healthy growth.

Work with Taruneer Abahone in Bangladesh. We provide lunch box, drinks, and educational materials to distribute among underprivileged children.

Making a difference for their future. Enhance the quality of life and foster a healthier and cleaner environment for all.